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View Diary: GOP message of the day: #Benghazi! #Benghazi! And more #Benghazi! (147 comments)

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  •  Yeah well, we would have found missing Malaysia.. (1+ / 0-)
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    ..flight 370 if Obama hadn't hidden it in ..Benghazi !!!

    Host Greg Gutfeld: America Could Find The Missing Plane As Long As It's "Not Hidden In Benghazi."

    The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld began the March 19 episode of the Fox program by blaming America for the failure to find the missing airliner, claiming:
    "But America could close this investigation fast if it wanted to -- Well, as long as the plane's not hidden in Benghazi or the IRS building."

    link to Media Matters with 4 more idiots F0x videos. O'Reilly, Andrea Tantaros. Ralph Peters, Megyn Kelly:

    This is a good sign - lol - RWNJ department of BS is out of "talking points", at least ones that don't immediately back-fire on them - 'Bundy'..

    And another Issa Fail (and massive projection) that will back-fire and could also redound to Dems benefit

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