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View Diary: GOP message of the day: #Benghazi! #Benghazi! And more #Benghazi! (147 comments)

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    9/11 occurs on W's watch, but rightwingers refuse to consider even the whisper of a thought that he's to blame in any respect, however minute, that he was to blame.

    Benghazi occurs on Obama's watch, but rightwingers (and some others, apparently!) are determined to blame Obama when an act of terrorism occurs anywhere in the world against Americans.

    For the life of me, I can't understand what the big deal is about characterizing the Benghazi attack as terrorism. It was, Obama called it that right after the attack. So what?

    The only explanation I can see is that some people thought they might be able to turn the terrible tragedy of the deaths of some Americans to their own personal political advantage.

    Now, that's genuinely repulsive.

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