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View Diary: Wisconsin Republican Party to vote on whether their state has 'right to secede' (256 comments)

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  •  Sorry, snark meter broken :( (7+ / 0-)

    Living here can do that. Sometimes I want to change the state motto to 'Wisconsin-Like it or Lump it'. I'm lumping it now, but working for change !!

    •  And now you can imagine how Southern liberals felt (0+ / 0-)

      during the Civil Rights movement, when everyone else in North America lumped them in with their racist neighbors and the governors those neighbors elected.

      Listen to the lyrics of "Sweet Home Alabama" for more.  I love Neil Young (I grew up reading his father's column in the Toronto Globe & Mail) but he overstepped with "Southern Man".  Likewise, not everyone in WI, maybe not even every WI Republican, is a secessionist idiot.

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