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View Diary: Conservatives are in full-on Obamacare denial (104 comments)

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  •  Before the Conservative Governors and legislatures (12+ / 0-)

    the death panels were the insurance companies that decided (mostly using accountants rather than doctors) that people could or could not receive treatments that might not be usual, but might save the patients lives.  They'd usually turn it down again and again if they judged the bottom line more important than the patient's life, and patients would die or give up during the multiple appeals process.  Now there are a few more rules governing when they can refuse treatment.

    •  This isn't going to stop (and maybe can't) (5+ / 0-)
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      All the people pining for single-payer / Medicare-for-all must never have had an argument with Medicare about whether a particular treatment was "medically necessary." I have (for my father in his final months), and it isn't likely to go away.

      No payment system is going to pay for anything that any patient wants and/or their doctor wants to provide. Nor should they, since we know that a certain (small but hugely greedy) percentage of doctors and other providers will commit fraud, repeatedly, to drive up their own profits. Evidence: All the motorized wheel-chairs provided to, or at least billed to the Medicare accounts of, people who are not disabled and do not need wheelchairs to get around, mostly by a small group of equipment outfits in Florida.

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