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View Diary: ACA's Invisible Benefit for Our Nation's Invisible Children (31 comments)

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  •  Georgia comes to mind re: (2+ / 0-)
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    benamery21, sfgb
    One suspects these amendments will not happen in the same places where Medicaid expansion did not.
    Considering the lengths in which the Georgia state governing
     critter(s) has obstructed information/enrollment in the ACA and elected to not participate in Medicaid expansion, I am leery.

    A friend, who is a CASA, decided (along with spouse) to adopt one of the kiddos they were representing due to the aging out rule.  The foster child was still in high school with unresolved medical issues.  

    They tried locating other families to adopt the child to no avail & so stepped up to provide a forever home just prior to the dreaded 18 birthday.

    Both are retired senior citizens on social security with grown children and grandchildren.  

    They fought & still fight for every service the child needs.

    One prime example of how the ACA & Medicaid expansion could have benefited those in Georgia.

    Sidenote:  The foster kiddo turned out to be deaf from years of medical neglect in the system.  My friends fought for and received cochlear transplant.  

    Oh & the former foster child who almost got aged out while in high school (no known relatives) turns out to be gifted, graduated with honors & is enrolled in university.

    Shudder to imagine what would have happened if my friends had not chosen the path less travelled..........

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