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  •  And my optimistic view (7+ / 0-)

    maybe too optimistic, is the fever might break on issues like a minimum wage increase, if Dems hold the Senate.

    GOP only thinks about the short term. And because the conventional wisdom is they are favored to win the Senate in 2014, the logic is just to run out the clock.

    If Dems hold the Senate, it will be an incredible disappointment for the GOP for a few reasons.

    1. If they cant win back the Senate with this map(in a midterm with a Dem in the WH), when can they win it back?
    2. If they dont win back the Senate, clearly the political environment wasnt as bad for Dems as expected. Maybe Obamacare faded as an issue, maybe the economy got better, whatever the reason, it wont be comforting for the GOP.
    3. They are facing a much worse Senate map in 2016, and presidential turnout, with Clinton possibly on the ballot.

    If this does happen, I think you could see some moderate moves in the lame duck, a min wage hike to $9, and maybe even immigration reform.

    •  i could see immigration reform happening (6+ / 0-)

      in a lame duck session. But only if dems hold the senate. The GOP's preference would be to retake the senate, then pass something they will call immigration reform (border security and maybe legal status but no pathway to citizenship) and dare Obama to veto it. If they can't do that, I could maybe see a lot of pressure to get the issue out of the way. If that did happen, I would think the house would just have to pass the senate bill.

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