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View Diary: Conservatives prepare to battle Hillary Clinton—the only way they know how (146 comments)

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    What was the scandal? We don't know. Why is the scandal so scandalous? We don't know. Why does the scandal have crap-all to do with the person the scandal purportedly revolves around? Hang on, we'll get the flow charts. If you want to know what the Clinton era was like, from the conservative perspective, close your eyes and imagine 50 Darrell Issii beating a dead horse named Benghazi while every Washington pundit or reporter with in IQ lower than poultry huddles around to watch. There, I just explained the whole thing to you.
    I think I get it now, and that is, there is nothing to get. I've been questioning my sanity at points as this keeps being brought up, and I just can't figure it out. Has really taken a toll on my self-confidence, in that I can't figure out something so many (albeit crazy) people are so mad about.

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