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View Diary: NY GOP Candidate Calls Melissa Harris-Perry a "Damned Dirty Ape" (237 comments)

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  •  Actually, I believe him. (0+ / 0-)

    I really think he is so unimaginative and inarticulate that he has to take a movie line out of context and bend and break it to express himself on an unrelated topic.

    I think he is so uncouth and crass that he can't understand why you shouldn't call any human an ape, even if it's a clever line from a movie.

    Moreover, I really think he is so stupid and unobservant that it didn't occur to him that the woman he was talking about, with dark hair and a slightly dark skin tone, could be African American.

    I find it plausible he's not really a racist. However, if all the above is true, he's too ignorant to know racism when he sees, hears or says it.

    Therefore, if we take him at his word, he's not a racist;  he's just unimaginative, inarticulate, uncouth, crass, stupid, unobservant and ignorant.

    He'd be more electable if he just admits he's a racist.    

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