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View Diary: Drained retirement funds signal acute looming crisis (286 comments)

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  •  Some folks would refer to this as a "target-rich (5+ / 0-)

    environment." Too bad the most likely shooters will be Bundy's Marauders, who are fucking stupid enough to be shooting into their own ranks, or at us innocent bystanders...

    It's interesting that Forbes and other Capitalist Tools are publishing articles on the fears of the dear Fortunate that maybe all this predatory cancerous shit they are doing so they can have these "Elysium" lives is beginning to approach the undefinable but inevitable boundary where Violence begins.

    Of course, they are also prepping for the worst, so the fuckers can skate off once more, like the Bourbons, the Nazis, various deposed dictators, free from any consequences and with pots full of money...

    How the idiots think, lest we forget how we ordinary people tend to eat each other, our children and parents, and eventually ourselves:

    "Is that all there is?" Peggy Lee.

    by jm214 on Wed May 07, 2014 at 10:59:50 AM PDT

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