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  •  The whole stock market is up! (bubble) (4+ / 0-)
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    plus the unemployment is down! (because people are dropping out of the workforce) thing makes me irate.

    I know next-to-nothing about the stock market, but I know damn well that 1) crashes happen, 2) jumping in at a historical peak is probably a bad idea, and 3) I am "the dumb money".  

    As for the jobs being created, if somebody works an hour a week, that's "a job".  If somebody works an hour a week and is "on call" the rest of the time, not as a doctor or a firefighter but as a shelf stocker or cashier, that's a job that treads dangerously close to employer ownership of the employee's entire life for the cost of about $10 a week.

    Professor Caplin (automatically suspect on account of being an economist, read: somebody whose profession is creating detailed rationales for looting by the elite) probably thinks that the invisible hand of the free market created our current situation.  Bullshit.  No market is free, and governments create the rules and the inequalities by their policies or lack thereof.

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    by cai on Wed May 07, 2014 at 01:07:48 PM PDT

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