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View Diary: Top House Democrat urges party to boycott GOP's #Benghazi committee (66 comments)

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  •  Not to mention the GOP has conspiracy theory itis (0+ / 0-)

    When it comes to Benghazi, the GOP has conspiracy theory itis.

    It's when you buy into some kind of a conspiracy theory, and then no matter new evidence you're shown to debunk your conspiracy theory you refuse to believe it. Often such people insist any new evidence debunking their conspiracy theory is all a part of the coverup of that conspiracy, especially if the 'evil doer' of the conspiracy is someone/something big and powerful like the government.

    There's simply no convincing the GOP about Benghazi no matter what we do, so anything that makes it clear just how insane the GOP has become with their Benghazi obsession will benefit us.

    Plus, if democrats sat on this so called special committee it would harm them in 2 ways.

    1) It would give legitimacy to the Benghazi conspiracy by showing democrats are investigating Obama/Hillary over it to.

    2) Most likely the GOP is going to already conclude something ludicrous blaming it all on Obama/Hillary no matter what. So if you were a democrat, would you really want it on your record that you were a part of such a committee that wasted time issuing such a foolish report on a non-scandal? Even a blue dog democrat in a heavily red district  could find a better way to look bipartisan and productive.

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