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View Diary: Labor secretary presses Boehner to renew jobless aid for 2.6 million long-term unemployed (20 comments)

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  •  Denying UI: Another front in GOP War on the Poor (3+ / 0-)
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    Let's face it.  Failing to restart unemployment insurance for those have lost unemployment coverage is just another front in the GOP's War on the Poor.  As soon as someone loses their unemployment coverage, they are by definition poor.  And once a person becomes poor, that person is considered an enemy by the GOP, subject to all the contempt and wrath the GOP can summon in its War on the Poor.  These GOP bastards are so busy fighting the poor that it's no wonder they fail to accomplish anything in Congress.      

    •  many are not poor (0+ / 0-)

      I am a middle class guy who lost my job of 20 years. At age 60 trying to get a career position is almost impossible. After 26 weeks od UI in Feb I lost benefits and started living off my 401 K. I am luckier than most I had savings.
      Long story made short I used to make 50k a year and I found a crappy job as asst mgr in a pool supply company for half the money, again I am luckier than most. How many people are in the street because of the republicans, how any sane person can vote for them is beyond me.

      •  They have the nerve to call UI an "entitlement"... (1+ / 0-)
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        Isn't that what you were paying taxes for during those 20 years?!  Literally, money was taken out of every paycheck to cover just this kind of contingency.  Now, if their rich friends went & crashed the economy & now our system is over-burdened by too many people drawing on their UI all at once, well then maybe the GOP should get those 1%ers responsible to foot the bill.  Americans aren't asking for charity, just what's fair!!

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