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  •  That this came to a vote of a Grand Lodge (2+ / 0-)
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    Man Oh Man, dsb

    situation was extremely distasteful for most of us.


    by commonmass on Wed May 07, 2014 at 09:33:40 PM PDT

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    •  Wow (1+ / 0-)
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      Certainly didn't mean to open a can of worms here, more meant to point out a funny bit on Colbert that happened to mention Masonry.

      While I have little idea of the norms of IVH I can perhaps shed some light on the Masonic angle, which I would argue is funny and frivolous in a way Craig Furguson would totally understand (British Masons being rather more pompous and self important than your usually pretty laid back American types).

      This is not some kind of Sharia law thing.  Generally speaking there is only one rule in Masonry and that is not to expose (scary voice) The Secret Hidden Mysteries.

      Now back in the day that meant pretty much all of the ritual which was supposed to be passed along only verbally.  After the anti-Masonic movement of the early 1800s things started to loosen up because so much of it was exposed by former Masons.  Today's interpretation turns on the words, "in such a way as to enable them (non-Masons) to to work and act as such (Masons)".  In practical terms this mostly means the grips and words and actually smuggling a non-Mason into Lodge by vouching for them.  Everything else is fairly open, look around on the Tubz and see all the Grand Lodges that publish the full ritual (in English, not Ecce Orientis) as a training aid for Brothers studying it.

      And why have secrets at all you ask?  Here we get a little closer to the nub of the dilemma.  A Brother is supposed to be trustworthy and of good moral character.  If you can't be trusted with something as stupid and silly as a handshake and some gibberish well... uhh...

      What exactly can you be trusted with then?

      From your description cm it seems much of the debate revolved around whether the adulterous 'Brother' was of good moral character.  This seems to me totally misguided.  As you correctly pointed out, what is good moral character anyway?

      No, for me the primary issue would have been trustworthiness and just exactly how trustworthy is someone who would seduce his Bother's wife?


      So I would have voted to expel.  No shame on you if you didn't, just that's what I would have done and why.

      Is this a fit subject for Grand Lodge?  No.  What the Grand Master should have done is appoint a committee to study the matter and then had the report approved in a quick vote under an utterly deceptive title-

      Motion to approve the report of the select committee on ethical behavior all those in favor signify by saying aye.  Any opposed?  Motion carried.

      Yup, did this for years.  Told you I was a politician.

      And for any of you who still have questions about whether all of this inside Baseball organizational politics stuff is wacky and funny enough to pass muster as IVH...

      I guess you had to be there.

      Next time- The Story of How I Fired My Embezzling Local President.

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