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View Diary: First Diary - and My Last Year as a Public School Teacher (127 comments)

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    but I know you will be sorely missed.  My son (finishing up 10th grade) has had a mix of teachers over the years, some wonderful, some just okay, and thankfully only one or two that he really did not care for.  His absolutely worst experience was in grade school (4th or 5th grade) with a teaching intern - someone on the cusp of entering the profession.  She really was a terrible teacher - played favorites, yelled at the kids (but only when the actual teacher was out of the room) and for the final half of the year (when she was basically in control of the classroom), I considered it a complete waste of every student's time.  

    Teachers who have stuck with the profession because they believe in the kids and in the original goal of teaching are fading out.  I don't blame you for moving on.  On behalf of my son, I thank you for giving your all and wish you the very best in your new career.

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