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View Diary: Bundy Thugs Terrorize BLM Agents in Utah & Call Rep. Horsford "Homey" (113 comments)

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  •  You are witnessing Amarican racism in action (15+ / 0-)

    The situation in Bunkerville Nevada, Bundy's home town where armed separatists roam the streets terrorizing the local citizens is totally out of control. In a fear filled environment such as this I wonder how many crimes committed by these out of town thugs are not even being reported? Americans who love the old cowboy movies have seen hundreds of westerns with plots like what is being played out in actual life today in Nevada. You know the one where a gang of cattle rustlers come to town and take it over while the local citizens and the local lawman tremble and hide in fear. We are all waiting for either the Calvary to roll in or a good guy gunslinger in a white hat to ride in and send these separatist thugs running for their lives.

    Here is where the racism comes in. Let's change the body color of the separatists to all brown or black, who are doing the same things that the present group of white separatists are currently doing. Do you think that the U.S. government would still be standing down "waiting for cooler heads to prevail"? You and I both know that the answer would be a loud HELL NO!!  Examples from the past such as the shoot-up of the Black Panther's apartment in Chicago, or the aerial bombing of the "Move House" in Philadelphia where over a dozen children were killed also answer that question with a loud HELL NO! And these two groups were killed as they lived in isolation from the general public by themselves. Neither group constituted the slightest threat to or confrontation with any local white people.

    I will make a prediction, and that is the government will be forced to go in and remove these separatists out of the area using the threat of arrest and imprisonment. The MSM is also softballing these gun toting goons by wailing and moaning over a possible bloody confrontational gun battle. The U.S. government has an arsenal of high tech crowd control equipment ranging from lasers to hyper sound generators to nausea inducing gas and tear gas. Drawing these thugs to a place that gives the government the best location to use these crowd control weapons will be easy as most of these separatists currently think that they invincible. I learned a long time ago that the definition of the "state" is that governmental entity in which ALL POWER is CONCENTRATED. If the state is so moved no group of individuals can stand against it. President George Washington proved this back in October 1794 when he put down the Whiskey Rebellion.  

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