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View Diary: New report on NM school shooting from Jan. 2014 offers look at shooter's thinking, raises questions (35 comments)

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  •  I think you miss the point. (2+ / 0-)
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    FrankRose, dallasdunlap

    The collective assumption has been one or proportionality: there's a lot of bullying, so people who react violently against it must have been bullied way more than most.  Maybe so, but it's far more likely that they were bullied only in a garden-variety way, or perhaps not at all, at least in a way that would be recognized by someone who's not them.  Shooting people, especially uninvolved people, because you've been bullied is more compatible with being a psychopath than with being unusually bullied.

    It's not the side effects of the cocaine/I'm thinking that it must be love

    by Rich in PA on Fri May 09, 2014 at 05:55:45 AM PDT

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    •   Help me see more where you're coming from? (1+ / 0-)
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      i saw an old tree today

      Can you share some anecdotes you've seen firsthand, where kids failed to get the deference they feel they deserve, and made unwarranted accusations of bullying? Any memories from childhood, your school, your family, among your peers, etc. that you're willing to share? Any instances that you witnessed of bullying as a kid, on other kids, or on (or by) yourself, or on (or by) family/friends, or complaining about it when it didn't really happen? Thanks!!

      I'm sure you're on to something, so I'm not trying to dismiss it. I'm just not sure I get it (my bad). Often it helps to illustrate with a real example, that you're thinking of. Thanks!

      You can't take at face value all bullying claims. Some people, kids and adults, are narcissists, and what they call bullying is actually others failing to grant them the deference they feel they deserve.  Kids who [kill] are actually less likely to have been put-upon...

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