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View Diary: New report on NM school shooting from Jan. 2014 offers look at shooter's thinking, raises questions (35 comments)

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  •  Perhaps not (6+ / 0-)

    but this child described being shoved into lockers, so that goes a little beyond a narcissist not being the center of attention.  The other day there was proof of a teacher not doing anything in her classroom about some fairly intense bullying.

    And narcissists aren't exactly a huge percentage of the population, and doesn't explain away the bullying that goes on.  It is not all in the victim's imagination or poorly developed psyche.

    Nevertheless, when you look at the report, and concede some of those kids are probably really being bullied, some may be exagerating or imagining bullying, but they are all much more likely to bring a gun to school.   That is a concrete place to begin to develop strategies to deal with  student shootings in school.

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