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View Diary: Pelosi: No decision yet on participating in GOP's #Benghazi panel (59 comments)

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  •  It's actually a tough decision. (1+ / 0-)
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    stringer bell

    On the one hand, yes, this is complete nonsense, and participating in it might not be the best way to make that point.

    On the other hand, if we have people in there, we can challenge the crazy things that they say and give the witnesses a chance to speak on favorable terms. Otherwise the crazy gets reported, unchallenged, in the media. The Swift Boat accusations were total BS as well, but look what happened.

    I lean towards the "confront" option rather than the "ignore" one. If I were Pelosi, I'd find five representatives who are good at calling out the crazy, and appoint them. (Needless to say, none of the seven Dems who supported the committee, or anyone who thought it was a tough vote, should be anywhere near this list!)

    •  I agree,...they should participate (0+ / 0-)

      and fight back.  It's better than running and hiding.

      But, the Swiftboat accusations were not BS.  Those 200-300 guys were around for 35 years before Kerry ever ran for president.  They were just regular soldiers, not astroturf or paid shills.  They got no money out of that deal.  I was inclined from day one to believe them, which is why I knew Kerry was in trouble when I saw the first commercial.  They were very credible if you are non-partisan.  That, more than anything, is why they stuck.

      There is nothing similar between this and Swiftboat.

      •  bullshit (1+ / 0-)
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        so what if the swiftboaters got no money, they were part of bullshit smear campaign and they knew it or should have known it.  They were only impressive to "non-partisan" voters if you equate "non-partisan" with "ignorant and low-information".  
        And you've repeated yourself multiple times now, maybe to give the impression that more people other than spineless DINOs would allow themselves to be the defendants in a bullshit kangaroo court with a pre-ordained conclusion.  
        Which part of the umpteen Issa hearings took place before you were born?  Why would anyone other than a Republican apologist or victim expect anything different from this clownshow?

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