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View Diary: Paul Ryan still bitter over Candy Crowley torpedoing Mitt's own Benghazi! talking point (151 comments)

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  •  Lyin' Ryan should read this aloud, slowly: (8+ / 0-)

    Juan Cole, Common Dreams

    Does the GOP have an "offensive" plan to make certain that a Senate committee doesn't investigate the actions of American "islamophobes"? From Juan Cole--

    Why did GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney keep  comparing President Obama to former president Jimmy Carter in spring of 2012? Carter had been bedeviled by the Iran/ US embassy hostage crisis. Had Romney’s speech writers heard from the US Islamophobic network that there was likely to be embassy trouble that summer and that it might make Obama look weak? Why are GOP leaders so determined to deny that the film helped provoke the Benghazi attack? Are they afraid that sooner or later a link between GOP funders and the film will emerge, and they want to hold themselves harmless? Why do Muslim-hating political campaigns break out regularly every two years in the US, pushed by Republican candidates? Will there be another one in summer-fall of 2014?
    Predictably . . . yes!

    We're all just working for Pharaoh.

    by whl on Fri May 09, 2014 at 12:04:13 PM PDT

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