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View Diary: Paul Ryan still bitter over Candy Crowley torpedoing Mitt's own Benghazi! talking point (151 comments)

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    ...everything is always a secret conspiracy, period, and if there is no evidence of that conspiracy it simply goes to show how very deep the conspiracy actually is...
    I was briefly an AP stringer in the late 1980s and took notes at the trial of an ultimately convicted murderer (search for "Billy Glaze"). The prosecutor told the court, "The lack of evidence, if anything, indicates his guilt." So it's because he so carefully hid the evidence that we know he did it; likewise, if evidence had been available, we would have known he did it.

    I think people are just wired to perceive conspiracies, no matter what the actual facts. An amusing riff on real(?) worldwide conspiracies is R. A. Lafferty's short story "About a Secret Crocodile."

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