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View Diary: Paul Ryan still bitter over Candy Crowley torpedoing Mitt's own Benghazi! talking point (151 comments)

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    The Republicans do not recognize objective truth.  To them all truths are subjective and so equally valid.  Why else would they equate the "theory" of evolution with the "theory" of creationism when one is supported by masses of evidence from diverse disciplines and the other is supported by a single book.  Why else would Romney pollster Neil Newhouse say, during the 2012 campaign,

    "We're not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers"?
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      You have stated EXACTLY the problem with republicans/conservatives.  They use the word "truth" overmuch but have no clue about what it is.

      There are several recent studies that suggest the kind of person who leans conservative needs the structure of absolutes (the kind given by religious dogma) and can't mentally handle change, which, of course, is on-going.

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