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View Diary: Paul Ryan still bitter over Candy Crowley torpedoing Mitt's own Benghazi! talking point (151 comments)

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    It is interesting that the video Innocence of the Muslims was financed by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula a Coptic Christian with a criminal background, who claimed to be an Israeli.  The spokes person for the production Steve Klein of Hemet, Calif. a Tea Party Republican and critic of Mitt Romney, who calls himself a spy.  He is on record saying that the video would cause a lot of trouble when it was released.  As planned it did.  

    The video was strategically broadcast in Egypt and the internet during the lead up to 09/11, 2012 anniversary .  The result was riots and scores killed.   The video was an attempt by supporters of Mitt Romney to create an, "October Surprise."  

    On Sept 11th the CIA station in Bengazi was attacked with heavy weapons and burned.  The attackers seemed to have intelligence on the layout and security measures of the station.  In the lead up to Election Day, right wing media outlets featured mercenaries that came forward with false accusations that they were told to "stand down."  These mercenaries were later proven to be lying.  The intention was to disrupt the foreign policy of President Obama and damage Secretary Hillary Clinton's political legacy.  

    My question for the panel is: Were the attackers directed by unseen operatives with a partisan agenda and did the attackers receive tactical advice and intelligence.  Were the attackers Libyans or paid mercenaries or both?   Were the mercenaries that lied on FOX News involved in the attack and the murder of Chris Stevens, the U.S. ambassador to Libya?

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