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View Diary: White House Quietly Launches $2 Billion Solar Jobs Program (129 comments)

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  •  Everyone paid for the grid, not just people with (1+ / 0-)
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    solar power.

    Utility companies have been profiting off of what should be considered PUBLIC  infrastructure for generations.
    Utilities are regulated monopolies that are supposed to get negotiated profit margins based on what they spend on both capital expenses and operating expenses.  Please explain your claim that they profit off of public infrastructure that they do not pay for.
    Carrying the minor burden of supporting alternative energy feed-ins is a small price to pay for the benefits received, and they can pass on the costs to fossil energy users in any case - a price they deserve to pay for all the damages they cause society.
    1. Those costs are becoming quite substantial in some areas.

    2. This policy incents people to install personal solar even when larger renewable power plants are more efficient, both financially and environmentally.

    3. As more and more people install solar the costs imposed on people without enough solar to be net zero users will increase to extreme levels.  

    This is especially problematic because many of these people cannot install solar - for example people living in apartment buildings.  This means poor people living in apartment buildings will end up paying for the grid usage of rich 1%ers  living in McMansions who can put in solar cells.  

    4. If you want to charge people for the damage caused by fossil fuels then the right way to do it is with a carbon tax.

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