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    I was just thinking about our uses of the word "base" in connection with Republicans yesterday.  Two things.

    First, I was thinking that our uses of it tend to falsely reinforce the idea that there is some sort of stable support structure in the Republican coalition.  Not only is that not the case, but we owe them no such service.  We should be driving a wedge into that coalition by cleaving it apart at any joint we find.  

    The Republican party is an unstable party.  The more it feeds off its own lies, the more the fidelity of information suffers, the more it flounders like a market economy on the edge of collapse.  

    When referring to this chaotic coalition, one should always point out the unstable and conflicting elements.  There is no base.  

    Second, we should really be building a coalition that does not depend upon "maximal mutual antipathy" and does not play into that game.  Many of the people who vote Republican can be peeled away from their uneasy coalition.  We should not alienate the entire lot wholesale.  Nor should we pander to them either in the specious middle.  We need many of these people.  

    Consider that the deadlocked 50-50 two party system is a statistical artifact of maximal mutual antipathy, claimed in ongoing micromoves and counter-moves by each side.  I do not think there is anything but 50-50 in that future.  The script needs to be rewritten.

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