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View Diary: 7 Reasons Democrats should join the Bullghazi Committee - to PUNK It! (31 comments)

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  •  That's goes back to what Krauthhammer (2+ / 0-)
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    wasatch, antirove

    was saying, if they shut Democrats down in a very partisan way none of the "findings" of this committee will be considered legitimate and of any political value.  But if they don't, this could go off in their faces like an M-80 in a custard pie.

    •  Define "legitimate" - (5+ / 0-)
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      wasatch, Jim P, codairem, IdaMena2, MrJersey

      There are so many being floated around these days.

      Personally, I'm still working on the last version of that word from back in 2000 when the Supreme Court appointed Bush president... that one didn't wash, either.

      As for Dems participating in this 21st century neocon version of  Volksgerichtshof: several decades ago an old musician pulled me aside in my 20s after a band I was playing in got kicked out of a job for the other guys doing lines of coke between sets and told me that if I wanted to avoid smelling like shit, I should stop hanging around it.

      Best advice I ever got from anyone: half the people I used to play with are now either dead or crippled for life because of their "lifestyle", but I'm still playing.

      Are you listening, Pelosi?

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