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  •  Yeah, the Canons are actually better (10+ / 0-)

    in one respect — they are the only major inkjet brand I know of that lets you replace the print heads and the ink tank separately.

    With HP, Kodak, and possibly others, you have to replace the print head every single time you replace the ink. You can use a refill instead, but it's messy, spill-prone, and sometimes needs an involved procedure to reset the chip on the cartridge. There aren't any cheap third-party ink tanks for those, because the print head is proprietary and has to be recycled off an existing cartridge.

    Epson has the opposite approach, which is even worse; the print head is usually in the printer and can't be replaced. When it gums up, which only takes a couple years of moderate use, you might as well replace the printer. There are ways to clean it, but there are other ways it can fail afterwards other than just being full of dried-up ink.

    •  Thanks for this excellent information! (1+ / 0-)
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      cville townie

      Interesting to see there's actually a good reason to stay with simpler older equipment that works -- and I'm thankful to those online who offer access to their secondhand, nearly-new, durable, and workable computer peripherals.

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