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  •  Those CAN be repaired. (1+ / 0-)
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    Calamity Jean

    Most likely, what has happened is that the projector lenses have come out of alignment. Find a repair manual online or buy one; if the optics have "warped a bit", it's likely a simple matter of a screwdriver and a few careful adjustments.

    If all the lamps still work and the color filters on the projector are still good, that's a repairable TV you've got there.

    I used to have a 50" Samsung DLP set. NICE TV; at the time it had a better picture and brighter, more vibrant colors than any of the LCD, LED, or plasma sets in the store. Amazingly, all the parts (except, IIRC, for the mirror plate) were positioned such that the consumer could get to them and replace them- including the color wheel, which- although a chore- was itself a replaceable part.

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