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  •  Yes, JP23's successor was picked by CIA reportedly (1+ / 0-)
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    •  There are two historical periods which need to be (6+ / 0-)

      differentiated and each has different objectives. In the post-WWII period, the Vatican and the CIA allied to defeat communism regardless of who was U.S. president. Defeat the Reds in Europe, the pro-Chinese in Asia and the Pacific Rim and support the military dictatorships in Latin America. Yes, the CIA had bugging devices in the conclave which elected Montini (Paul VI). Yes, the relationship between Montini and US intelligence went back to WWII. And yes, Montini was probably favored by the CIA but there has never been any reputable reporting that the CIA actually tried to change the outcome of Paul VI's election.

      The Religious Right is an artificial construction of the neocons in the late 1970s. The goal was not just defeating communism, but the intentional use of Christian clergy to help elect Republicans. Yes, Wojtyla (JPII) was installed by the plutocracy/Opus Dei to appoint U.S. bishops who would dedicate themselves to the neocon takeover.

      If you were old enough, you would remember a time in U.S. politics before Reagan when the separation of church and state was an unquestioned bedrock of U.S. politics.

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