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  •  Hai, katrinka, (13+ / 0-)

    some of the best advice I can give, is to check out this site, this site, or this:

    Orphaned or young kittens If kittens are under five weeks of age and unable to eat solid food, bottle-feed them with kitten formula (KMR or Similac) obtained from veterinary clinics or pet supply stores. Cow�s milk does not contain enough fat or protein for kittens. Young kittens should be kept in a box lined with absorbent paper towels. Keep the box warm (around 90 degrees F.) during the first two weeks of life, using a heating pad covered with a towel, or an infrared lamp. For three-week-old kittens decrease the temperature to around 80 degrees F. If a kitten is too weak to drink from a bottle, feed her from an eye dropper. Massage the belly to stimulate digestion, and use a cotton ball or paper towel to stimulate elimination of urine and feces. Moist cotton balls can be used to clean the area afterwards. Rub Vaseline on the anal area. The mother usually cleans the babies during the first few weeks so you will have to take on this task. Begin weaning from three to four weeks old. Mix canned kitten food with kitten formula and hand feed until the kittens are accustomed to eating on their own, then gradually change over completely to canned food.

    Nearly all feral and stray kittens have internal parasites and the kittens need to be dewormed by a veterinarian. Any upper respiratory infections should be treated with antibiotics and eye ointments. Left untreated, they can cause severe health problems, pneumonia, eventual blindness or even death. For more detailed information see, Neonatal Kitten Care available from Alley Cat Allies.

    If you do not have kitten formula on hand (KMR �Kitten Milk Replacement available at your local pet store) use the following formula for a temporary feeding only (12-24 hours). Add one egg yolk to eight ounces of cow�s milk for short term feeding. Feed kittens two tablespoons per four ounces of body weight daily. Divide total amount into equal feedings. Small weak kittens should be fed every three to four hours. One of the most important things to remember is to keep the orphan kitten warm.
    Consult our Kitten Careresources for more in-depth information on caring for young, orphaned kittens.

    I will say that maybe someone around here has some personal experience.

    Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup. Same goes with cats. We have claws and teeth!

    by triciawyse on Fri May 16, 2014 at 12:51:56 PM PDT

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