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View Diary: Milwaukee's Failed Experiments in Privatizing Education (34 comments)

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  •  You hit the nail on the head, badscience (16+ / 0-)

    That analysis is 100% correct.  We need to shout this from the rooftops and start to aggressively educate every voter regarding walkers educational policies.  The GOP is actively--and effectively--destroying the public schools in Wisconsin, and it appears that nothing will stop them.  As a teacher who retired after Act 10, this is breaking my heart.

    Wisconsin: It's war, you know. We didn't start it, but we'll keep fighting in it until we win

    by isewquilts2 on Mon May 12, 2014 at 05:52:32 AM PDT

    •  Schools were fine till "excellence" was demanded (4+ / 0-)

      Schools were just fine in the 80's.  There was nothing wrong, nothing.  All the whining about schools, all the whining about teachers and quality and class size were all GOP tricks to attack the public school system.  They were all tricks to get people to agree that the schools were bad when they weren't and that teachers were the problem when they weren't.

      And Dems, so eager to defend public schools started tripping over themselves to also attack schools and teachers, with a slightly different tact.

      GOP said schools are horrible, shut them down.
      Dems said schools are horrible, give us tons of money to throw at them and "fix them".

      Once Dems accepted the premise that public schools were horrible and needed to be fixed, the GOP won the war.  It's now just been a matter of the GOP directing all that extra funding to the private schools, to make more CEO's rich and divert even more tax dollars to the 1%.

      There never would have been charter schools and vouchers in Milwaukee if Dems had just stood strong and refused to accept the lie that public schools needed to be "fixed".

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