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View Diary: Allen West says Boko Haram is meant to distract Americans from Benghazi (99 comments)

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    The local newspaper went from having a moderate Republican editorial bias, but a fairly acceptable coverage of local events (although they did get scooped by the NYT) to a pale imitation of the Daily Standard. One give-away was when the publisher said they needed more conservative columnists to "give balance" to the "liberal balance" of the editorial staff. Why does the corporate media always need more conservatives to balance? Why not include a few real socialists?

    And then they decided to update the computer system that managed subscription lists & at the same time reduced the numbers of the circulation staff. A year later they decided to reorganize -- deliver the paper three days a week, try to make money off their website which has never been all that well organized, as well as make all of their employees to reapply for their own jobs.

    Newspapers are becoming irrelevant -- but everything becomes irrelevant without constant work. But I've never seen anything try harder to accelerate their irrelevancy.

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