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View Diary: Biden's Son Now On Board Of Ukraine's Largest Private Gas Co. (?!) (135 comments)

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  •  Why should Russia continue to subsidize Ukraine (2+ / 0-)
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    when the putsch government in Kiev wants to work with the EU? If they want to be part of the EU then they can pay EU prices for gas. Russia signed a deal for a $15 billion loan and discounted gas with Ukraine in December but the deal got trashed by Fuck the EU Nuland. The US controlled International Misery Fund can pay the fucking gas bills now with billions of American dollars.

    From your own link. Didn't you read the whole thing?

    Ukraine had stopped payment altogether after Gazprom raised the price of gas on April 1 to $385 for 1,000 cubic meters, the standard measure for gas in Europe. That figure was up from $268, an increase of about 44 percent.
    17 December 2013 Ukrainian–Russian action plan

    The 17 December 2013 Ukrainian–Russian action plan is a treaty between the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and Russian President Vladimir Putin on 17 December 2013 whereby it was agreed that Russia would buy $15 billion of Ukrainian Eurobonds and that the cost of Russian natural gas supplied to Ukraine would be lowered to $268 per 1,000 cubic metres (the price was more than $400 at the time).

    Come to think of it, that's why people didn't like Yanukovitch, who stole billions, and his cozying up with that great old crony capitalist Putin.  
    Putin did gas deals with the Gas Princess and did not like Yanukovitch. I've already posted about this many times. Every single politician in Ukraine is corrupt - on all sides of the floor.

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