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  •  "The causes ... are not yet fully clear" WTF (10+ / 0-)
    The diversity of the world's life forms -- from corals to carnivores -- is under assault. Decades of scientific studies document the fraying of ecosystems and a grim tally of species extinctions due to destroyed habitat, pollution, climate change, invasives and overharvesting.
    . . .

    The causes of this shift are not yet fully clear . . .

    This is maddening. The discussion lists various causes, right there, indicating that the scientists know perfectly well what some major causes are - the only thing "unclear" being the relative importance and weighting of the various ways we have screwed up the planet.

    That summary "unclear" goes right to the denier playbook. Not just climate denier, but deniers that people are massively harming the natural world, and need to grow up and take some responsibility.

    As long as it's "unclear", we shouldn't try to do anything about it yet. Maybe in a few decades when it's more "clear." Right?

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