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View Diary: Cliven Bundy's Thugs: 'We Had a "Bead On The" Feds With Intent to Kill Them' (337 comments)

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    good for you---i , too was raised and voted republican. my first vote was so amazing. i felt like i was fulfilling my duty as an american. i was so proud. i loved being republican---then came regan. i read his beliefs and watched him preach ideas of family values which he , himself did not live. i watched him reject the programs in which we as a nation each tried to live the Golden rule and the beattitutes. i was raised that it Takes a community to raise a child. it was considered appalling not to vote yes on a school bond.
    it became "christian" to have groups to hate to prove how "christian" one is.
    i am now an independent who registers democratic so i can vote in the primaries. i am the mother of 6 children, 5 of which are sons. i am a feminists who marched in DC in the 80's for women's right to be a complete person and make decisions independent of who the evangelical high school grads who reject science and wish to control women.
    i am a texan with a master degree that insists on the right to live my life without the tv preachers and the wall st. greedy geezers input.
    i try to remind people that without the separation of church and state we have no freedom. i try and get out the vote.

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