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View Diary: With Reid saying he's a no vote, Michael Boggs's federal court nomination appears to be in trouble (253 comments)

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    Kind of reminds me of how Jon Stewart will just show a right-winger saying something phenomenally stupid, then the camera will switch back to him and all he has to do is deploy that I-can't-believe-that-s/he-actually-said-that expression.  It says it all.

    I'd totally love to see Al Franken or another great left comedian as Prez.  Obama is a basically good, liberal guy (and he's more open to employing humour than most pols — I particularly enjoyed the one at the White House Correspondents' Dinner about the Koch Bros)., but Franken is really one of the best in Congress, in addition to being a true Jokemeister.  In general I'd be thrilled to see more lefty comedian/pundit types in politics, people like Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, et al.  The right has its corporate supply-siders, who use propaganda (and are happy to take up the ultra-right on social issues to win the religious fanatics, racists, etc.; they don't care since it seldom affects them).  We need someone who can educate the American people as to, if nothing else, what "socialism" means.  They may have money on us, but humour is definitely one thing we have on them.  (And they're so easy to laugh at.  They even seem to like The Colbert Report; I'm not sure if they get that he's not laughing with them, he's laughing at them.)

    BTW, viper1945: love your username.  (I'm a snake enthusiast.)

    Black people go to prison.  White people go to rehab.

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