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View Diary: Dear GOP: Don't Ever Send Black Republicans to Recruit Black People (212 comments)

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    This is where we see the Tavis Smileys, Jesse Jacksons,  Cornell Wests, and some barbershop wanna bees  attacking the President. I think Tavis had even crowned himself "President"  of the AA population and  held a televised  "The State of Union" of AA forum.

    Needless to say, when an  AA became president of the US, this dethroned poor Tavis. But PBS to the rescue, he then had  another way to bloat his ego.  


    •  I remember distinctly (5+ / 0-)

      Tavis' anger that the surging young Senator Barack Obama wouldn't do a big interview with him. I honestly think Obama offered Michelle instead. Not only has Tavis been mad ever since that he was denied the role of kingmaker, but he has to be kicking himself for dissing the future First Lady--she's as popular as the President!

    •  Tavis was hosting the "State of the Black Union" (10+ / 0-)

      conference many years before Obama ran for president.

      I do recall Tavis wanted Obama to declare his candidacy for President at his State of the Black Union conference in 2007.

      Obama wanted to do it in Illinois, where Lincoln gave the "House Divided" speech.  Tavis did not appreciate that that location had better symbolic value for someone who wanted to be president of the entire country, not just president of the black population.

      It was after that that Tavis started badmouthing PBO in that "he thinks he's too good for me/us" tone.

      Three years later Tavis stopped holding the State of the Black Union forum altogether.

      personal note--I wrote to him several years in a row taking him to task for having McDonald's as a sponsor.  I pointed out that they exploit and encourage obesity in the community and therefore a disconnnect for a forum ostensibly talking about the highest good for black people.

      I got a response about Mickey Dee's being popular and a good source of ad support.  I responded by asking him why he did not seek a liquor manufacturer for a sponsor for the same reasons?  No response to that one.

      I lost respect for Tavis over his attitude toward Obama.  PBO supplanted Tavis and a bunch of other similar spokesmen and their jealousy was intense

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      The motivations of the typical black Republicans versus the motivations of the black intelligentsia class are quite different. Although I have been sorely disappointed in the likes of Cornel West and Tavis Smiley, they have endeavored to help our community in a number of ways, consistently and over time. Black Republicans blame blacks for all of the community's problems, ignore unemployment, characterize us as if we don't have degrees and families, and refuse to acknowledge systemic ills. Jesse Jackson doesn't do that. West doesn’t do that. Nor Smiley.

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