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View Diary: Dear GOP: Don't Ever Send Black Republicans to Recruit Black People (212 comments)

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  •  Thanks, point taken. However, my comment was (16+ / 0-)

    meant to highlight my impression of the way many in the GOP seem to think, feel, and express themselves in regard to minorities (especially African Americans and Latinos) and many women, in general.  As in references to "the blacks".  IMO, the plantation mentality towards minorities and women is alive and well across the globe.

    By the way, I am a black woman who feels that she has experienced the effects of both of those GOP  stereotypes over her 62 years--most often from people who proudly proclaim to be "staunch" Republicans and/or neo-confederates.  I live in a southern state, though I do not believe by any means that the GOP's racist/misogynist agenda is confined to the South.  Seldom have I felt treated that way by those who claim a Democratic/liberal/progressive tilt.  Usually, I have been the recipient of fairness, kindness, and consideration from those in the Democratic Party.  

    Which I guess is why I am not stupid enough to be fooled by the overtly rabid racists in the GOP nor the "compassionate conservatism" of their wolf-in-sheep's-clothing "moderate" brethren, ala Susan Collins and others.  IMO, they have little compassion for the working class, seniors, students, minorities, or our environment--indeed, anyone who looks, thinks, and  believes differently than they do.  The Susan Collinses, Clarence Thomases, and Marco Rubios of the GOP aid and abet the RWNJs in hurting the most vulnerable  of every ethnic group and both genders.  I have no respect for any of them.  

    Our Dem blue dogs are another story for another thread.  What could our party have accomplished if they had worked with us instead of against us all of these years?  The thought boggles my mind.

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