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View Diary: Satanic prayer in Florida (31 comments)

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  •  "Before the almighty and ineffable God (8+ / 0-)

    Satan/Lucifer  and in the presence of all Demons of Hell, who are the True and the Original gods, I, (state your full name) renounce any and all past allegiances. I renounce the false Judeo/Christian god Jehovah, I renounce his vile and worthless son Jesus Christ, I renounce his foul, odious, and rotten holy spirit.

    I proclaim Satan Lucifer as my one and only God. I promise to recognize and honor him in all things, without reservation, desiring in return, his manifold assistance in the successful completion of my endeavors."

    Making a Commitment to Satan.

    Of course, being a stone cold atheist I don't believe in any of that shit.

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