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View Diary: Cartoon: Learn to Speak Benghazi (36 comments)

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  •  The "scandal" is merely a "conspiracy" to (3+ / 0-)
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    bobcat41702, Lana C, LinSea

    "mislead the American people" into believing that the President, his Administration and his Party are not everything the GOP and the Right in their most vivid, paranoid fever dreams say they are.

    The President, the SOS, the UN Ambassador, &c., "refused" to "tell the American people the truth," which is that they are all weak, incompetent, evil, America-hating terrorist-sympathizing Kenyan Muslim Socialist usurpers, that they wanted Benghazi™ to happen, that they helped make it happen, that they did everything they could to make sure it wasn't prevented or stopped, and that they didn't care about the victims.

    And the GOP and its fans/enablers are going to continue to hold "hearings," conduct "investigations," "ask questions" and "demand answers," until they do.

    •  OHMYGHAZI (0+ / 0-)

      .....these folks need help... they have been infected with FOXITIS disease....when they dont get tht daily injection of hate & mininformation they begin banging heads on cement wall, shouting OHMYGHAZI...OHMYGHAZI.... good thing we have Obamacare with "pre existing".....

      Also have found it great for patriotic fund raising on the 4 dead Americans......

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