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View Diary: FCC moves forward with rule gutting net neutrality (176 comments)

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  •  Free lunch? WTF? (1+ / 0-)
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    This is how business works. TANSTAAFL. You want your internet connection to be faster, more reliable and carry more data? You want to watch "ultra high-def" streaming on three tvs and your PC at the same time? Someone needs to build that network out.
    I already pay for the bandwidth I use... twice over. Once for home broadband access and again for bandwidth on the remote virtual server that houses my email/website/VPN/etc. I already pay more money and get less service than almost anywhere else in the 'civilized' world. The telcos are rent-seeking here, period.
    •  you may have a legitimate beef (1+ / 0-)
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      the ISPs may well be rent seeking, though the evidence is mostly circumstantial at this point.

      I already pay more money and get less service than almost anywhere else in the 'civilized' world.
      You might pay more, but I think you probably get about the same service. There are places with higher speeds, but if you've got Comcast, you're in the ballpark. We do pay more in the United States (probably not as much as you think), but I think that strongly reflects our costs of living and the amount of public investment that went into building internet infrastructure (along with a number of smaller considerations, like population density, and municipal regulations).

      Would you pay more to wire up the next town over? What about to connect a rural town in another state with only 100 people? Would you pay more to keep your service the same while your ISP adds customers?

      I think the answer for most people is "no".

      •  I checked (0+ / 0-)

        I'm losing to friends/family overseas in price or bandwidth or both. And telcos in many other places are faster to put new techs into production. Germany might have as early as next year for example. At any rate, none of this changes the fact that I'm already paying for what I use in 'both' directions.

        The next town over is wired. Rural communities are wired. There's even dark fiber in the ground. Why in heck should I pay my ISP more to add extremely profitable customers? That makes no sense. They should be working for their margins.

        Consumers and service providers haven't been 'getting away' with anything under defacto neutrality. That's a self-serving telco lobby frame. None of these objections has anything to do with the actual issue of neutrality.

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