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  •  I disagree. The GOP is in the form it has accepted (5+ / 0-)
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    ... by acquiescence. There are no shambles there.

    What is there are (1) Hard Core Extremists - in several groups with some cross-appeals among them - hunkered down to push their own brands of extremism. Some academics (in The Gamble) estimated the Tea Party Republicans - the majority of these people - at 25% of total Republican voters. I believe that's ballpark, though a bit low. These are the ones who win primaries in safe and some marginal districts, thereby electing their reps ahead of the general elections. They also prevail in many state-level elections because they can energize their voters and win some others to their cause with code phrases and fear of change.

    On the other hand, there are (2) some Long-Standing Professional Republicans - some US Senators, several key GOP strategists and a few monied folk - who want to pull back from Group 1's demonstrably exotic and increasingly untenable extremism. In numbers, this is a minuscule cadre, but it can become influential among the slowly growing ranks of those getting disaffected by Group 1. If they go public and get some visible support among the ranks of other Republican professionals (I'm not talking about the voters here), they'll start to isolate Group #1 and try to start to begin to maybe one day take the Party back.

    But they are chipping away with sappers' chisels at the bastions of the Republicans' intellectually walled-off castles. They won't succeed in any soon time frame.

    I believe (3) the Huge Middle of Republican voters don't follow politics that closely, aren't up to speed and don't really want to be. They could be better called The Huge Muddle, and they mirror America. Together with those groups of Hard Core Extremist voters, they are about 50% of the American voting public, even higher than that in off-Presidential year elections. (In total, they are much less than 50% of the population eligible to vote. But that is another story.)

    They have a low-tax, reduced government mentality and are delighted not to send more money to those takers-of-welfare-without-jobs. They have no attention span for explanations about how those themes play out in practice to diminish the economy and limit themselves and their children. They just aren't doing badly enough personally to care. And worse for us, they do not care much about "social issues". Those are Other People's Issues, not theirs. They go to church, sometimes, and put money in the offering plate because their neighbors will notice if they don't.

    They. Ain't. Gonna. Ever. Constitute. Shambles. The best we can hope for is to have fewer of them and many, many more of us VOTE!

    2014 is HERE. Build up the Senate. Win back the House : 17 seats. Plus!

    by TRPChicago on Sun May 18, 2014 at 11:06:56 AM PDT

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