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View Diary: The New York Times Busted Lying Through its Teeth (301 comments)

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    The Times is a lying smarmy apologist for the 1%, yes. And desperate for the love of the millennials with the most spending cash.
    But they are also the most important source of news, both domestic and foreign, in the whole US.
    They can be taken to task for their disgusting identification with themselves, the rich and powerful, but they have had many fine investigative reports and foreign coverage.
    Their business reportage is often dreadful. But you get to read about all the banking scandals. And Gretchen Morgenson is a very good reporter.
    Like everything else, you need to "read between the lines." I suggest reading the paper. It's got a hell of a lot of stuff in it. Let's just start with Krugman, if you want serious opinion. Skip their editorials.
    And read Daily Kos and other sources for unspinning the spin. I suggest FAIR and its paper, EXTRA. And there are plenty of great magazines online, like In These Times, Dollars & Sense, Labor Notes, The Nation, etc., and more specialized journals.
    But for basic reportage, no one has the depth of the Times's bench.

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