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View Diary: DEA Chief Michele Leonhart should resign immediately and President Obama should demand it (237 comments)

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  •  I would appreciate more supporting links (13+ / 0-)

    to statements of fact - in this particular case, "including the massacre of civilians in Honduras" really caught my eye.

    The reason being, while I was in Honduras the time before last, everyone was talking about a massacre of women and children in a lagoon in La Mosquitia - apparently the DEA had interdicted a shipment, the smugglers dumped the cargo overboard, the local civilians, mostly women and children, were gathering up the bales, and a DEA helicopter gunship opened fire on them. As a result, La Mosquitia was in open rebellion at the time, government buildings were being torched, etc. We had planned on operating a medical clinic there ( we were a couple hours down the coast) but were strongly "advised" against it by the local authorities. Later we were told it wasn't permitted to go there anyway; we never would have been allowed past the roadblocks if we had tried.

    The reason this note caught my eye was that on our return, I contacted several major newspapers and tried to get them interested in the story, with absolutely zero response. From then until now, this is the very first I have heard of the DEA massacring civilians in Honduras. Where did this come from? Do you have a link?

    I always like to see supporting links for statements and claims made in diaries here. I often follow them. But this one is of particular interest to me.

    •  he embedded it (5+ / 0-)

      in the first paragraph, when it's dark orange.

      You were there?  Say more?

      plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

      by anna shane on Fri May 16, 2014 at 05:23:24 PM PDT

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      •  Thank you. That link (11+ / 0-)

        does include this link referring to killings in La Moskitia.

        On one hand, the date is right, making me think this is the same incident. On the other hand, Ahuas is a good ten kilometers from any lagoon, far for La Moskitia, and the letter states only four were killed, all innocent of any drug involvement. The facts as stated by Representative Johnson differ wildly from the story I heard at the time.

        On the other hand, I have no direct, personal knowledge, just the rumors that traveled forty miles away - think the game of "telephone".  The single road, which approaches but does not reach the area, and numerous military roadblocks prevented any inquiry into the actual truth, even for local residents. The stories I heard may have been greatly exaggerated.

        Or not. But I do appreciate that Representative Johnston and 57 colleges were concerned enough to call for an investigation to discover the truth.

        An investigation which, of course, never took place.

    •  Fuck the DEA (22+ / 0-)

      That's obscene.

      The DEA has no business shooting at anyone in Honduras. WTF are they doing there?

      “Industry does everything they can and gets away with it almost all the time, whether it’s the coal industry, not the subject of this hearing, or water or whatever. They will cut corners, and they will get away with it. " Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D, WVa

      by FishOutofWater on Fri May 16, 2014 at 05:32:24 PM PDT

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    •  Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely (8+ / 0-)

      One reason for reforming our excessively harsh drug laws is the corruption that is causes to ourselves.

      This does not surprise me at all. Yes, the link is there as Anna Shane points out. I always provide links for all blockquots.

      Before every block quite I use you will nearly always find first the name of the author which I will also bold, then you will find the name of the publication it is from which will be in both bold and italicized, then the original title of the article in orange. will be an active link to the original article the block quote is taken from.

      I will usually do my best to put in some connecting words that do the best that I can to string together the closest think to a readable sentence out of the three but tI will not change the correct tittle of the article to match tenses or case mismatches, so that if someone else is using it as a reference it will be academically correct as a footnote, even it is printed out in black and white and stored in an archive for 40 years which I often do.

      I have some of my fathers old edition books from 300 years ago. I have no idea what website, operating systems, clouds, hard disks, electrical voltages, etc. will be around in 300 years.  

      Just consider it one of my personal quirks which I can not help. And then remember diversity is good and as liberals we all love and appreciate diversity and it is not just limited to race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gendger identify, gender affectation, gender expression, age, weight, etc, but should also include species, referencing and achiving styles, and preferences, as well as varying abilities for brevity.

      We all contribute something in our own quirky ways, Even those of us who are a minority of one.

      Sorry to hear about this massecre. I will look it up tomorrow. I intend to keep writing about this aweful DEa Czar until she is gone.

      Humor Alert! No statement from this UID is intended to be true, including this one. Comments and Posts intended for recreational purposes only. Unauthorized interpretations may lead to unexpected results. This waiver void where prohibited.

      by HoundDog on Fri May 16, 2014 at 06:56:21 PM PDT

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      •  I didn't see the opening link as being connected (3+ / 0-)

        to the blockquote. Possibly because I didn't even notice that it was a blockquote - other than a slight indentation, somewhat hidden by the formatting due to the photo, nothing on my screen indicates a blockquote, be it due to poor contrast or poor eyesight.

        Once Anna Shane pointed it out, I did see the connection, the indentation, and the ever-so-faint lack of shading. Or is it shading? It switches back and forth as I look at it.

        My bad.

        •  No problem ypochris. I didn't any of this any a (3+ / 0-)

          harsh way. Sorry if I seemed to be giving a critical lecture. I just have a sort of compulsion for detail. Sort of like that Monk character on TV.

          I appreciated the opportunity to explain my system.

          My father was an intellectual aloof kind of person who was away on an aircraft carrier the first two years of my life and then again when I was 3 to 4. So he was sort of a mystery. He didn't express emotion, but the way I could tell he loved me is when I went down to his combination bedroom office he would put down his computer work and give me his full undivided attention.

          Any question I would ask he would proceed to answer usually taking approximately 1 to 2 hours for the first pass.

          Like if I asked why is the sky blue but sunset orange? That would be about a six hour answer covering the background of optics, wavelengths, refraction etc.

          So unconsciously for me explaining details is a sign caring.

          I can see from reading this that you may have thought I was being annoyed, but if fact, I was really quite pleased to finally have an opportunity to explain the odd pattern I usually use that I always feel self-conscious about, and wonder if people find annoying, tedious, repetitive, or weird.

          So I'm sorry if I made you feel bad.

          Humor Alert! No statement from this UID is intended to be true, including this one. Comments and Posts intended for recreational purposes only. Unauthorized interpretations may lead to unexpected results. This waiver void where prohibited.

          by HoundDog on Fri May 16, 2014 at 09:40:15 PM PDT

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          •  Didn't feel bad - (3+ / 0-)

            just a little lame for complaining about there not being a link when the article started with the link. Nor do I think you were harsh.

            Your dad sounds like he explains things the way I explain things to my daughter, although I'm a good bit more abbreviated. Always try to give the best explanation I think she will understand. Or tell her I don't think she will understand, instead of giving her some easy bullshit.

            On one hand, sometimes it discourages her from asking, or she'll tell me she doesn't really want to know. But on the other hand, she knows a lot more about a lot of things than most kids her age.

            So you see, I too was just caring enough to explain myself.

            •  Good for you ypochris. Just make sure you hug her (3+ / 0-)

              too. My father was not a hugging type of person.

              Humor Alert! No statement from this UID is intended to be true, including this one. Comments and Posts intended for recreational purposes only. Unauthorized interpretations may lead to unexpected results. This waiver void where prohibited.

              by HoundDog on Fri May 16, 2014 at 11:03:23 PM PDT

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