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View Diary: DEA Chief Michele Leonhart should resign immediately and President Obama should demand it (237 comments)

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  •  Thank you. That link (11+ / 0-)

    does include this link referring to killings in La Moskitia.

    On one hand, the date is right, making me think this is the same incident. On the other hand, Ahuas is a good ten kilometers from any lagoon, far for La Moskitia, and the letter states only four were killed, all innocent of any drug involvement. The facts as stated by Representative Johnson differ wildly from the story I heard at the time.

    On the other hand, I have no direct, personal knowledge, just the rumors that traveled forty miles away - think the game of "telephone".  The single road, which approaches but does not reach the area, and numerous military roadblocks prevented any inquiry into the actual truth, even for local residents. The stories I heard may have been greatly exaggerated.

    Or not. But I do appreciate that Representative Johnston and 57 colleges were concerned enough to call for an investigation to discover the truth.

    An investigation which, of course, never took place.

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