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View Diary: Obamacare puts free clinic out of business, and everybody is happy (60 comments)

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  •  I have that suspicion, too. (5+ / 0-)

    Which always presents a bit of a dilemma:

    1) I feel sorry for the kid dying of some terrible illness; it's not their fault they're sick or that our healthcare system is so fucked up; and I can spare the cash.


    2) If I put money in the jar, how do I know that I'm not giving money to parents who would just as happily oppose universal healthcare for everyone else's kid; and would I be perpetuating the downright disgraceful system that necessitates these jars being put out?  

    It sounds shitty I know.  Those kids don't deserve to suffer over making a point, but the point needs to be made.  That's the dilemma those jars pose.

    My instinct would be to tell them if they need help to call our local teabagger congresswoman and ask her for it.  You know the one that won in a primary against the moderate republican we had for years who was at least sane and capable of making compromises with the other party.  

    But I really don't know they voted for her.  

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