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View Diary: Obamacare puts free clinic out of business, and everybody is happy (60 comments)

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  •  I hope that you're right about doctors voing (1+ / 0-)
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    •  In my experience, Doctors come in two types: The (5+ / 0-)

      first type became doctors because they yearn to help people;  they vote democrat.  The second type became doctors to make lots of money;  they vote republican.
      Unfortunately in medical school, many of the first type are turned into the second type by the very very high costs of education so they NEED to make lots of money.  Also by other vicious hazing - absurd memorization in class,  interns' 36 hours shifts, etc.  - so Doctors believe once they are fully qualified, they DESERVE to make lots of money.  
      These facts are why the AMA is to the right of Reagen, and show why education in vital professions such as medicine should be free - AND lifelong public service should be expected and required.

      •  Seconding this. (2+ / 0-)
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        chrisculpepper, acornweb

        I did taxes for the wealthy, and the firm I worked at served a lot of doctors.

        A vast majority were in the latter camp.

        I understand that they work incredibly hard and deal with insane pressures most of us will just never have to. Medical school is a shit ton of money. Starting and running a medical practice, even a small one, is demonically expensive.

        There was a couple, both doctors, who came to the office this past tax season. One of them was incredibly pissed off about the Additional Medicare Surcharge and fumed "You mean to tell me I have to pay to see my own patients now?" since they worked in a large teaching hospital that serviced several Medicaid and Medicare patients. He felt he shouldn't have to pay this tax.

        While doctors are disproportionately underpaid compared to say, mortgage bankers who ripped off the country and even actors who play doctors on TV, I found this couple's attitude really unsettling.  I don't have beef with doctor comp at the base level for the aforementioned reasons: they provide a service of tremendous value to society. Until they pull attitudes like these people, where they don't think Medicare and Medicaid should be expanded and funded.

        Soooo many other doctors we served who made far more money than that couple bitched a lot more about how Obamacare was costing them money, putting too much regulation on them, and "these 26-year-old idealists thought it was such a great idea until they found out they had to pay for it." I found it REALLY disturbing because surely they take those biases out on their patients! Made me trust doctors even less than I already do.

        There's a disturbing amount of right-wing doctors out there who really truly put money above helping people. I've met many of them. I even did many of their tax returns. I'm disgusted by all of them.

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