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View Diary: Republican frontrunner for Senate in Montana wants schools to teach creationism (193 comments)

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  •  Daines is no fool (6+ / 0-)

    I don't really believe that he supports creationism or ID in schools.

    I think his comments are another example of the cult mindset of the right. It's similar to what Krugman wrote regarding climate science. If a person wants to be a successful Republican there are certain things they have to go along with: guns of all kinds belong everywhere, climate science is a vast conspiracy, the free market is always the answer, tax cuts are always the answer, abortion should be illegal, and evolution is just a theory on par with creation theory. If a Republican doesn't tow the line on all of these issues they are excommunicated from the party. They are branded a RINO. There is absolutely no room for moderation in the Republican party. Daines is just towing the line.

    •  Nicely said (1+ / 0-)
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      And taking the concept of "cult mindset of the right", I would add that the cult is primarily right-wing conservative Christian, folks who have been taught to think of those who disagree as heretics, blasphemers, and false prophets.

      Those who disagree with the cult are cut-off and shunned.

      When you say "If a Republican doesn't tow the line on all of these issues they are excommunicated from the party," not only do I think you are speaking the truth, I think the consequences of that truth runs deeper than many non-Christians even realize.

      In days gonie by, folks who had committed serious crimes against society were sometimes given a choice of death or banishment.  Many chose death, because they viewed it as a "lesser sentence."  Food for thought.

      “Now folks, by going on that web show, Barack Obama undermined the authority of the presidency. And that is Fox News' job.” - Stephen Colbert

      by Older and Wiser Now on Fri May 16, 2014 at 03:13:15 PM PDT

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