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  •  Depending on what's needed (8+ / 0-)

    An older technology such as the one described in the video will be manufactured by a high end engineering firm. They could be huge conglomerates with small divisions like maybe GE or smaller single purpose manufacturing companys. In any case that kind of equipment, as you can surmise from your question, can be very expensive.

    New tech is usually, in most cases, designed and built by grad students and university technical staff under supervision of the principal scientist. Special parts might be bid out to companys like the ones mentioned above. X-ray guns and the like.

    Really big tech, like the LHC at CERN or the Tevatron at Fermi Labs are bid out like government projects. Parts are built by a very select manufacturers. The superconducting magnets at the LHC were, I believe manufactured at Fermi Lab.

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