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  •  a lawyer was visiting a couple weeks ago and told (4+ / 0-)

    me about one of these kinds of things. Police got testimony out of some guy in Denver who had multiple public intoxication convictions etc. Fingered a guy he'd once hung out with on a cold case they were looking to solve from back in the early 80s or late 70s, extradited the guy out of Canada. The lawyer wasn't exaggerating for my benefit. He has a few of those kinds of cases. He only takes them if it seems things are fairly obviously wrong. The guy will probably get out some day. South Dakota.

    If you have a prosecutor and some police (or FBI) who don't mind giving justice some not discreet nudges in the direction they want it to go, things can go real bad for you.

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    by ban nock on Sun May 18, 2014 at 07:44:24 PM PDT

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