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  •  Instead of simply accepting the idea (1+ / 0-)
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    that differences between men and women are "simply innate,"  or due to being "hardwired differently," can you consider that those differences may actually be a product of lived experiences?

    I think the reaction of women to Jill Abramson's firing probably recalled to mind in each woman an incident in her own life where she believed she was being treated differently solely because of her gender. Men have no such experience to relate to.

    When racism is charged, white people often have a different view of it than African Americans. Surely you would not then conclude that the races are innately different or hardwired differently. Surely not.

    Communication between individuals is always going to be difficult if one of those individuals persists in lumping the other into a generalized category rather than listening carefully to what the other individual has to say for herself.

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